live streams

Watch us as we explore the vast world of FPS shooters, kick some butt in team matches or just have fun with some beers and easy-going games. 

JESPER VS. reapers

Jesper meet their arch nemesis: the Reapers team. The last time after an intense fight, Jesper managed to win, but will their rivals get revenge this time?

September 6th

monday fun

The team plays games with their fans and random people on internet. No rules, no judgement - well, kind of. Come and have some fun.

august 31st

Tanya VS. Benjamin

Tanya challenges Benjamin to a duel to solve once and for all which one of them has a better aim. Who will win? 

August 24th

testing out mods

The internet is full of the most random mods you can imagine. The team tests them out and lose some faith in the sanity of humanity.

august 17th

Gå med nu!